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School of Philosophy and Public Management in Henan University is Wanting Excellent Ph.D. Graduates
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Ⅰ.The guide of Henan University

Henan University is located in the famous historic and cultural city,Kaifeng,which used to be the capital of eight dynasties.It was built in 1912,named firstly Henan Preparatory School.Later,after being named Zhongzhou University,the Fifth National Zhongshan University and Henan Province University,it was called National Henan University in 1942.After the founding of new China,it was called Henan Normal College,Kaifeng Normal College,Henan Normal University and some others and in 1984,it restored thenameof Henan University.On October,17th,2008,the government and Ministry of Education in Henan signed the agreement to co-establish Henan University,which showed that it entered the list of a high-level college co-established by the province and education.In September,2016,it was elected to be a member of“111 Plan”.In September,2017,it was elected successfully in the list of“Double First-Class”university project.

Nowadays,Henan University has become a comprehensive university of 12 subjects,including liberal arts,history,philosophy,economy,management,law,science,engineering,medicine,agriculture,education and arts.It is a member of League of world universities and the Federation of Asia Pacific universities,building good relationships with more than 100 universities around more than 40 countries or regions.It sets 97 undergraduate majors,43 Master’s degree awarded as the first-class discipline,24 kinds of Master’s degree,20 Doctor’s degree awarded as the first-class discipline,15 centers for post-doctoral studies.It has staff of 4300,in which there are 14 academicians and 1600 persons with senior professional titles.There are 60,000 full-time students,including almost 10,000 graduates and 500 international students.The school has the national laboratory of cotton biology,a center for research joined by government and locals in applying the techonology of Nano hybrid materials,the laboratory joined by the government and locals of the technology ofdevelopingantibody drugs,3 key laboratories of special functional materials,plant biology of adversity and digital geography technology of the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River,one research center of engineering technology,4 creation centers in province.It establishes 5 national bases of education and research,including the NME research center of Yellow River civilization and its sustainable development,the training base of teachers for sports and arts,the national research base of social science,the national base of quality education for college students,the national base of inheriting Chinese excellent cultures.It also has own press and many kinds of academic journals.The library has 7,500,000 books in total.Henan University covers an area of 2,200,000 m?and the floor area is 1,470,000 m?,among which the modern buildings of Minglun University is the key cultural relics protection unites.

Ⅱ.Guide to school of Philosophy and Public Management in Henan University.

In April,2002,the department of politician in Henan University was namedSchool of Philosophy and Public Management in Henan University.In 1923,the department incorporated philosophy and the head at that moment was famous philosopher Feng Youlan.In 1927,it incorporated political department.In 1960,it incorporated political education.Later,it became a big forest to change into majors of economy,law,business,management and so on.There used to be many famous and academically influential scholars,such as Zhou Shouzheng,Ma Pei,Wu Zumou,Hou Huan,Mo Qi,Huang Kuiwu and Zhou Hao.

The present staff is 91,including 16 profesors,23associate professors,2 specially invited professors,8 leaders of academic and technology and 55 persons with Ph.D degree.There are 1,500 students in school,including 1,100 undergraduates,380 Master degree candidates,7 Ph.D degree candidates.There are four first-class subjects,the philosophy,the politician,the theory of Marxism and public management.The basic principles of Marxism is awarded Ph.D degree;These four subjects covering 25 majors are awarded Master degree;There are mmed degree authorization orders for public management and political education.The majors of Marxist philosophy,politics and public management are key subjects in Henan Province.The major of political education is characteristic subject.The academic school of administration management is outstanding group.In the field of educating undergraduates,there are majors as philosophy, administration management,labour and social security and social work.

The principles to cultivate undergraduates are focused on their basis,to widen the way and to emphasize their ability in order to make them specialized in special jobs in the government and scientific research institutes.The quantity of undergraduates is big and the quality is good,thus graduates scatter in different universities,scientific research institutes and government agencies around the country.It has cultivated a group of leaders,such as famous scholars Zhang Shuguang and Yang Guangbin;and the ex-minister of the department of defense ,Liang Gunaglie;the present president of Hainan Province and secretary of Party,Mao Wanchun.

Ⅲ.Recruiting Position and Professional

According to the vacancy for the professional and technical personnel in our institute and the development requirements of the college, we are going to recruit 7 doctoral candidates in 2018. See the appendix for details.

Ⅳ. Recruitment Criteria

(1) The basic Requirements that applicants must have:

1. With nationality of the People's Republic of China ;

2. Compliance with the law; be physically and mentally healthy, with good character and good professional ethics;

3. Overseas returnees who have received doctoral or post doctoral degrees, excellent doctoral graduates from domestic universities or research institutions; majors for undergraduate, master and Ph.D. should be identical or similar; be under the age of 40 in principle.

4. The level of teaching and research conforms to the relevant regulations of the institute;

5. Consistency with other relevant regulations of the institute.

(2) Candidates are not allowed to apply for in any of the following circumstances:

1. Persons who have been subjected to criminal punishment for crimes;

2. Persons who have not yet been discharged Party disciplinary punishment, political disciplinary punishment, or who undergoing disciplinary review;

3. Persons suspected of delinquency who are under judicial investigation and have not been convicted;

4. Persons who have been identified as having serious violations of recruitment discipline such as fraudulent practices in some recruitment exams;

5. Other persons who do not meet the requirements of the recruitment agency.

Ⅴ. Post Employment Treatment

For personnel who have been out of centre for post-doctoral research and taken their doctorates: School provides housing allowances, 180,000 yuan for senior professional titles, and 150,000 yuan for deputy senior titles and below; those with the intermediate professional titles and below may be employed as associate professors depending on their academic level; a monthly allowance of 300 yuan for 5 consecutive years is given; school provides scientific research allowance of 30,000 yuan for liberal arts and non-experimental science, 50,000 yuan for experimental science and engineering, and medical science.

Ⅵ. Application Methods and Materials Attached for Applicant

Candidates can log in Henan University's recruitment network http://zp.henu.edu.cn/ and register personal information, apply for the wanted position , upload personal detailed resume; or send your resume to Mr.Xu's mailbox xuxiaojun@henu.edu.cn.

Content of your resume should include:

Personal basic conditions: including education and work experience, positional titles, position situations;

Scientific research achievements: including the published papers, treatises, and scientific research projects and achievements that have been completed or under research.

At the time of the interview you need to submit: 1. undergraduate, master's and doctoral degree certificates (recent graduates provide the form of employment recommendation ); 2. two letters of experts recommendation (the experts should be from the same field and you should indicate the contact information of experts, one of whom should be your tutor or one of tutor group members).

Ⅶ. Contact Information

Address: The Department of Personnel in Henan University, No. 1 JinMing Avenue, Kaifeng, Henan, China

Zip Code: 475004

Contacts: Mr.Yang & Mr.Shen

E-mail: hdrsk@henu.edu.cn

Telephone number (fax): 0371-22822703

Appendix: Henan University Recruitment Program on Doctoral Candidates in 2018

  • Address China kaifeng named avenue
  • Zip code: 475004
  • Office phone: 0371-23885565
  • Email address: zgy2015@henu.edu.cn.

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