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Why Marx's Philosophy is the Philosophy that Changes the World
From:Lv Shirong Nie Haijie     Date:2020-08-31    Hits:次

Abstract:Marx's philosophy is fundamentally different from the old philosophy, Which is essentially a philosophy of explaining the world. While Marx's philosophy is the philosophy of changing the world. Marx changed the theoretical system of the old philosophy, established a thorough materialist world outlook, historycal outlook and values,and laid philosophy on the basis of practice, which is closely related to the changes of the times and the development of world history. Marx took on the responsibility of his time and the historical mission that the former philosophers could not fulfill: He profoundly revealed insuperable contradictions in the capitalist society and expounded the historical development direction that the capitalist society would inevitably be replaced by the Communist society; Through the criticism of political economy, the profound Communist philosophy is promoted to the social criticism of empirical evidence and the revolutionary practice of the working class, and the organic combination of philosophical realism and criticism of scientific theory and realistic revolution is realized. Marxist philosophy not only provides a theoretical basis for the theory of scientific socialism and the international Communist movement, but also provides ideological guidance for the direction and road of China's and the world's current development.

Keywords:Marx's philosophy"; "Interpretive World"; "Change the world"; Communism

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